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2007 Ford F-150 Ideas for Off-Roading

The best ways to upgrade your 2007 Ford F-150 for off-road performance


Skid Plate

If you love driving off-road, but you're worried about the safety of your car's major components, there's a logic to it. Buy a skid plate for your vehicle - and then you can be sure that your engine, gearbox, and other important elements are protected from rocks, dirt, and other dangers of off-roading.


With snorkel you will literally be knee-deep in the sea! The engine intake pipe, which is mounted at or above the car roof level, will suck in the air well above the standard level, which prevents water from getting into the cylinders and allows the car not to stall even if its engine is submerged entirely in water.



If you always thought your car is able to produce more power, then you are right. Most automakers program their cars so that they don't perform at their maximum power. But you can squeeze everything out of your car by installing a tuner. You just need to connect this device to the engine control unit - and then you can manually add some horsepower to your car. Moreover, with the help of this magic box, you can set your car to consume less fuel!


Light Bars

When you go off-road, your life will depend on many factors, but visibility is a key one. Everything that happens around you should be in the palm of your hand - and to achieve this, your headlights should be able to penetrate the darkness for dozens of feet ahead. But if your bulbs are not powerful enough - that's not a problem, install a light bar - a light source that combines the power of dozens of LED lights, and provides excellent visibility even in the deepest woods.

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Bull Bars

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If you're a fan of versatile enhancements that serve a practical function in addition to beauty, then the bull bar is just what you need!

The quality bull bar provides an additional layer of protection for your vehicle in an accident. It pleasantly improves the car's appearance, making the front side look more brutal.

Roof Rails

If you often go off-road, you probably know better than us how many things you should always have on hand: spare tires, generators, a fire extinguisher, a tool kit, in case something goes wrong, and much, much more. And how frustrating it can be when you don't have enough space in the trunk to take everything you need with you. If you don't have enough space inside your car, think bigger - install roof rails - and then you can carry everything you need right on the top of your iron beast. Don't worry about the safety of your luggage, the heavy-duty brackets will do their job perfectly and will hold your stuff in any situation.



Going off-road with bad tires is like running a marathon barefoot. When you don't know where the road ends and the mud begins, it's important to be 100% confident that your vehicle will overcome any obstacle. Install only quality tires from trusted manufacturers on your car - and then you can be sure that you won't get bogged down even in the deepest swamp.


Center Consoles

When you're driving in an area where no human has ever walked before, and danger may lurk behind every bush, the last thing you want to worry about is where to put your phone so that it won't fall on the nearest bump and get smashed. To forget about this problem - install the center console in your car - and you will always have at hand a place where you can put all your important things and not worry about their safety.

Tool Kits

Get prepared responsibly for every off-road trip. Remember that even the smallest breakdown can cause a lot of problems when you're away from civilization and can't call for help. Don't expect help from bears or other forest dwellers - always keep the situation in your own hands! Carry a tool kit in your car so you can fix a sudden breakdown and not get stuck somewhere in the mud for hours on end. Better yet, carry a basic spare parts kit along with it - you never know what may break down.


Air Suspension Kits

Even when you drive your car off-road, you want to feel comfortable, not bouncing at every pothole. Of course, you can install first-class shock absorbers and springs, replace every rack and arm of your suspension, and achieve perfect smoothness and softness of movement, but it costs money and a lot of it. There is a more budget-friendly solution - install an air suspension kit on your car. Not only will this increase your suspension's softness and stability off-road, but it will also allow you to adjust your ground clearance height by inflating the airbags. As a nice bonus - this enhancement will extend the life of your suspension by reducing the unnecessary load on it.

Ford F-150 2007 Mods

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How to modify your 2007 Ford F-150 for off-roading?

Do you certainly hunger for your Ford F-150 2007 to be the king of off-roading? If yes, you remain in the propitious place. Here our team will acquaint you with the most accepted mods for this auto with an eye to make your native travels a lot more satisfying as well as safe with no damaging mark on its productivity.

OK, off-road mods for any type of vehicle split into a few ranks depending upon what your embryonic purpose is. If you yearn just to have the vehicle resemble more massive, there are certainly a few mods for that too. Although for those 2007 Ford F-150 fans who are intending to steer the car right into the traditional off-road environments, there is truly a supplementary class of mods that will likely be more significant.

That being said, there are special alterations that would undoubtedly be efficient under any situation, even when a driver was attracted to a desolate ride in the past. This bunch of mods for the 2007 Ford F-150 integrates tires, suspension, and lumination. As for the tires, they have to be all-terrain to be sure your car will certainly receive a reliable grip on just about any surface area.

That is equally advantageous to have a spare tire just on the assumption that you hit misfortune on your track. The suspension mod is really crucial with regard to getting your speeding better as well as protecting the undercarriage of your respective auto from obstacles. And now, smart illumination is fundamental for virtually any off-road enthusiast considering that it will aid automobilists observe even better at night and discover your course around in the wilderness.

As we have knowledge of what are the most serious mods for getting your own 2007 Ford F-150 off-road, you may be unshaken that the following cars and truck expedition will definitely be a fortune! In the event that you continue to are undecided in respect to thinkable shifts, you are perpetually welcome to our crew's site, where each and every Ford F-150 buyer would uncover the indispensable details showed in a beneficial fashion.


While working on some Ford F-150 off-road modifications, check if your parts are certified and tested for extreme conditions. Some accessories are just meant for decoration.

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